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Art Conservation

Art Conservation uses:
  • Identification
  • Documentation
  • Restoration

Zarbeco manufacturers portable digital microscopes as tools for art conservators to use in museums, and the studio. The compact MiScope can be brought to any size artwork for use in documentation or restoration. Optional IR or UV LEDs can be used to detect fluorescent materials or to view through pigment at the underlying markings. We can customize our products to use with your tripods.

Zarbeco products being used in Art Conservation:
  • MiScope-IR (with custom IR wavelenth) used in restoration to look beneath pigments of artwork.
  • MiScope used to view and record images of historical documents
  • MISC-MP2-WUVIR used to assess laser removal of graffiti of prehistoric pictographs. The two sets of images taken before and after treatment of the rock demonstrate that laser ablation process sucessfully removed the triangular spot on the red line (covered with black mineral deposits).
    Credit to: Hueco Tanks State Park & Historic Site, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and art restoration by Andrzej Dajnowski, Director of CSOS Inc.