Zarbeco Portable Digital Imaging Solutions
Our Video Toolbox software is included with all microsopes and Zarbeco cameras. Find out more »
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ZDM Digital Microscope

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Collectibles uses:
  • Viewing of coins, stamps, currency, documents, antiques, etc.
  • Sales photos on e-bay or internet
  • Cataloging collections

Zarbeco's portable digital microscopes help inspect and document collectibles when traveling to a location for sale or purchase. The MiScope produces high quality images for advertising products on e-bay, the internet or in a catalog. Or use the TetraCam for larger objects that require detailed images up to 40x magnification or the ZDM for magnification up to 210x.

Video ToolBox imaging software is included with all Zarbeco products. The software will allow you to view the live image on your computer screen and capture still pictures or movies which can be emailed or displayed on a web site. Also take measurements, add label draw or add a date/time stamp; all right on the live image.

Zarbeco products being used with collectibles:
  • MiScope for viewing coins, stamps, currency and collectible documents.
  • ZDM used to document coins.