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Foot switch plugin for Video ToolBox

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Particle Analyzer

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Particle Analyzer™ is a software program which can count the number of particles in an image from a microscope or video inspection system. Turn on Particle Analyzer and the software does the rest.

Use to count color images or particles in your object and then get a count of them on the screen. Segregate them by color or size.

Particle Analyzer is available as a plug-in to Video ToolBox or Video ToolBox PRO, the video display, capture and annotation software from Zarbeco, LLC (Video ToolBox or Video ToolBox PRO not included).

Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

  • Counts particles in image by number or color
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  Part Number Price
  VTB-PA-002 $75

Particle Analyzer Software: plug-in for Video ToolBox and Video ToolBox PRO (not included). Measure and count particles, halftone dots, cell colonies and any other object that you can view in a camera or microscope. Automatically measure size and distribution information. Print a summary report with the image and statistical information, or a full report with the size of every particle. One year warranty.