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Foot switch plugin for Video ToolBox

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Video Averager

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Video Averager™ is a software plugin which can eliminate the noise and improve the low-light images from a microscope or video inspection system. Turn on Video Averager and the software does the rest.

The software produces a better image in low-light situations.

Video Averager works as a plug-in to Video ToolBox, or Video ToolBox PRO; the video display, capture and annotation software from Zarbeco, LLC (not included).

Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

  • Eliminates noise in images in low-light
  • Additional control over image brightness, contrast and gamma
  • Color invert image
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Video Averager software: plug-in for Video ToolBox or Video ToolBox Pro (required and sold separately). Noise reduction and image enhancement tool for high magnification or when light is limited.  Adjustable live frame averaging increases sharpness.  Also provides additional control of brightness, contrast and gamma to further enhance the image.  One year warranty.