Zarbeco Portable Digital Imaging Solutions
Our Video Toolbox software is included with all microsopes and Zarbeco cameras. Find out more
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ZDM Digital Microscope

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Video ToolBox Video ToolBox PRO Video ToolBox Premier MAC Software

View and enhance live images on computer screen

Capture still or moving images or time lapse

Labels, markers, time stamps, measurement of distance and angles: all on the live image.

Draw freehand and overlay graphics directly on the live image

Frame average to reduce noise and enhance image clarity

With optional Video Averager plugin With optional Video Averager plugin

Live zoom (without pixelation) up to 4x and fit to screen (including full screen for computer projector).

Interatively adjust camera and light settings.

Export images for use in applications such as Adobe Photoshop

Support for plugins including GPS (stamping location and time on image) and Foot Pedal software.

Enhanced measurement tools: drag tools to measure distance, radius and angle, click tools to measure distance, radius, arc radius, angle.

Relational measurement (ex. object-to-object distance)

Reset coordinate system


Freeze frame image captures

Non-destructive overlays

Annotate and measure images after capturing

Export to Microsoft Excel

Edge Detection

Calibrated Overlays

CAD File Overlays     with optional plugin  
Multi-point Shape Fitting      
Un-distort Function      
Magnifier Window      

Arrow key and mouse wheel control for precise position of measurement tools

Filters to isolate single color components